Help Overview in intended to allow you to manage and organise your book collection better, no matter whether you are a buyer, seller, collector, librarian or have any other interest in books.

From within you can catalogue your books, add comments, bookmark pages, flag books to remember, track books that you have loaned to friends, or borrowed from friends or even your local library.

Once your books are listed you can search them, or allow your friends access to search them. Allowing your friends access will mean they can check your books to see if you have one they are thinking about buying and can then ask your opinion or see if you are willing to sell it.

If your friends are looking to purchase you a present they can check your book collection and ensure that they are not getting one you one you already have, or if they see a bargain they think you will want they can check to see if you have it.

The friendship system can be easily used to help look after your book collection as a library, if someone borrows a book you can mark it as out on loan, or if you are running a library (e.g. company library), they can click on a 'borrow' link to request the loan of the book. A loan is then setup between your self and the borrower any you can both see how long they have borrowed the book for. This also means you know exactly who has your books and which ones they have - never loose track of your books again!.

You can buy and sell books with other members of the, or just within a designated 'friendship' set of members within offers a very reasonable fee for the sale of a book, and there is no fee for purchasing a book.

Getting started with

The most simple way of using is to search for books to sell from the main home page, you can view all or some of the many books that are listed on, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

To really get started with you need to become a member, Basic membership is free and has a reasonable free storage allocation and friendship allowance. Nearly all of the functionality of a subscription membership is available with the free membership and more than enough to use the site. See 'Joining' for further help on this.

We ask for some basic details when joining and that you understand and accept our terms of membership, terms of use and the data protection statements. There is NO fee to join. We won't sell on your e-mail address.

Once you have joined you will be emailed a password to use in combination with your UserID that you entered.

Once in you can start entering your books, adding friends to your account, searching books and viewing more detailed information on books that are for sale.

At we have also integrated the web services and when searching you can include or/and in your search. Where a book is entered with its ISBN (or using the ISBN lookup) we also provide a link on the details page to the description and details about the book provided through or so you can get a better view of the item, its new price, or marketplace price and what customers think about the book.

Getting Help. has a number of help options

  • Tips.
    Some items in have an 'i' icon next to them, this indicates a tip is available, this is a short help text aimed at helping members get the best out of the site. Click the icon will pop up a small tip window.

  • Help Pages
    At the bottom of each page is a 'Help' link, this will take you to the help index and will try to find help context help from the originating page, or suggest alternatives that may also be of interest.

  • Community
    Also at the bottom of each page is a link to the community section, here you can look for tips and advice from other members of and exchange thoughts.

  • Customer Support.
    If you are still having problems then please use the 'Contact Support' link at the bottom of the page and fill out a customer support query. We will try to resolve your problem and get back to you in a timely manner.

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